Blaze Through Any
Project Faster & Easier

Get professional results you’ll be glad to show off!


Zip through hardwood, laminates and drywall

Cut smooth, no-crack edges on ceramic and stone

Power through steel, aluminum, and plastic

This is one badass piece of equipment right here!

“Once you own it, you’re just gonna find stuff—that’s the beauty of it. It just comes in handy for what you don’t even know yet…and it’s precise, it’s a perfect cut every time.”

Rick Murray


310-piece Contractor’s Drill bit set
(Just pay shipping and handling)

Rotorazor Platinum

Extra power, deeper cuts!

Today Only $194.80

The Rotorazer Platinum upgrades you to a commercial-grade power tool (or professional-grade). It’s durable long-lasting construction has a steel blade housing and enhanced protection shield for longer life, enhanced control and ease of use. Rotorazer Platinum is a larger model with construction-grade housing that has greater power and torque. Plus you also receive a bonus, precision cutting guide for perfect parallel cuts, a normal $15 value, yours free with this upgrade.

  • Larger Model built with More Steel for Tougher Jobs
  • Construction Grade Casing
  • Greater Power and Torque
  • Free Precision Parallel Cutting Guide

How will you use Your Rotorazer?

So lightweight and easy to use, Rotorazer puts “you can do it” POWER in the palm of your hand!

Tackling a tiling project or some new flooring? Building a shed or a fence or a chicken coop?

Looking at some “honey-do” repairs on your to-do list? Decorating your home with some creative craft projects?

Rotorazer is the one powerful, easy-to-use saw that lets you do it all!

No matter how big or small your projects, the Rotorazer is the one tool that lets you do it all—faster and easier than ever! !

  • Powerful motor speeds through every cut
  • Convenient controls ensure safe and easy operation
  • Blade depth adjuster safely locks inaccurate cuts
  • Parallel fence guarantees precision straight cuts
  • Professional design makes exact plunge cuts a snap
  • Dust removal system makes cleanup quick and easy
  • 3 razor sharp blades switch out in just seconds
  • Heavy-duty case safely stores your Rotorazer and accessories
  • It’s so versatile, you can cut horizontally, vertically, even upside down!

You won’t need a shop full of expensive tools when you have 7 SAWS in one heavy-duty, easy-to-use tool!

The Rotorazer is

  • icon circular saw
    A circular saw to make safe, accurate, depth-adjustable cuts
  • icon circular saw
    A band saw to make short work of curved and irregular cuts
  • icon circular saw
    A jig saw to quickly and easily cut different shapes
  • icon circular saw
    A tile saw to make smooth, clean edges on ceramic tiles
  • icon circular saw
    A hack saw to speed cut through metal and plastic
  • icon circular saw
    A hand saw to make short work of straight and cross cuts
  • icon circular saw
    A miter saw to let you make precise angled cuts

Our Family of Products

Rotorazer 2000 Series
Original Red Unit

400-watt motor cuts at over 3,400 RPM

Rotorazer 3000 Series
New Yellow Circular Saw

500-watt motor cuts at over 4,500 RPM

Rotorazer 2000 Series
Original Red Platinum Circular Saw

480-watt motor cuts at over 4,200 RPM

Rotorazer 3000 Series
New Yellow Platinum Circular Saw

550-watt motor cuts at over 4,800 RPM

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